About Us

I was 320 lbs when I got fired from my job in Logistics. I tried several detox teas until I came across one that really worked! This detox did not contain Senna, so I had no cramps, and I didn’t GO all day. After losing the first 40 lbs, my doctor took me off my diabetic medicine. This is when I realized if this tea worked this well for me, maybe it would work for other people. So after 3 months of harassing the supplier, I convinced them to start sending me the tea in bulk. and I also started taking mixing classes with a certified Tea Master, and My passion for tea was born.

I have served over 2,000 clients that I have helped with everything from blood pressure, Diabetes, Gout, Arthritis, inflammation, pain, and so much more. It makes my heart so happy when I see my clients giving me 5 star reviews on my FB business page because of how my tea gave them relief, or how my Detox Tea helped them lose the weight they had been struggling to lose. I am a helper by nature, and to help people with health issues, or weight issues really gives me joy. I don’t claim to heal anyone, but my tea can bring relief and improve your health.

My reviews make me proud. And I’d be so proud to be your Tea Lady!